Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Landscape or Objects on the Land?
When we think of the word "landscape" in relationship to photography quite often a specific type of image comes blazing into our minds eye.  Our friend "Webster" provides the following definition:  1. A view of scenery on land2. A picture depicting such a view.
To complete the definition "scenery" is: 1. A landscape.  With these thoughts in mind, I always enjoy discovering and exploring what might be called the "non-traditional" subjects of landscape.
One of the best things for me when traveling the back roads of America is to slow down and look at the "landscape".  What are these things?  Why are they here?  Who did this...and what were they thinking?

Ride safe, Carlan

Friday, April 4, 2014

It all starts with some maps.
I think we all may do this.  It's winter, maybe cold.  Spring is just around the corner.  You're feeling restless.  The open road is calling.  You need to feel wind in your face.  You can't wait to strap the camera bag on your bike.   

That's when I pull out the maps.  Something about a paper map...just unfolding it gets all the thoughts and feelings moving.  I look for the "Blue Highways".  Before interstates, the highways across America were printed in blue.  Today...red.  OK...I'm looking for the red highways.  I find Highway 50.  It runs coast to coast through the heart of America for 3,200 miles from sea to shining sea.  Time magazine devoted an entire issue in 1977 to Highway 50, calling it the "backbone of America".  Heading west to east it provides a reverse time line of how our country developed.  Studying the maps it looks like Highway 50 passes through literally hundreds of small towns lost in time.

OK, I'm hooked.

Ride safe, Carlan