Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Santa Ana, Nicaragua

We left Granada early this morning to visit Santa Ana.  Santa Ana is a rural farming community located about 25 miles from Granada.  Our trip began on a paved highway and ended after 10 miles of rough dirt roadOur destination was a small family farm.  We met Bonn Giovany and his wife Kenia.  They raise plantines, mangos, tomatoes, and squash on their farm.  Their main mode of transportation is a 125cc motorcycle.
Several months ago Bonn traveled to Los Angeles, CA to visit his father.  He rode his motorcycle the entire distance from Santa Ana, Nicaragua to Los Angeles.  He proudly told me it only took him fourteen days each way to make the trip.  A trip that took me five hours by plane.  We laughed together and shared some motorcycle stories.  Before we parted he said, "Next time you visit, ride your motorcycle, the Harley one".  I thought...what a great ride it would be.

Ride safe, Carlan

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