Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Day 2 HWY 83 - Spinach, chocolate shake, and a tree 
Saddled up early in Laredo this morning just as the sun was breakin' the horizon.  Headin' north.  After a full day of stop and go lights across the Rio Grande Valley yesterday it was breathing easy on the road this morning.  Looking forward to a day of spinach, a chocolate shake, and a famous tree.
It usually takes a day or two to get into the rhythm of the road.  Today it was working.  Tires humming on the pavement, thump of the motor, bugs splatting my sunglasses, open road...freedom soaring in my soul.
Pulled over in Crystal City "The Spinach Capital of the World" searching for Popeye.  Crystal City is famous for growing spinach as well as their Popeye statue which has been on the town's main street since the 1930's.  Thinking about coming back in November for the annual Spinach Festival...maybe not.
Few miles further down the road Ulvade Rexall Drug, the oldest retail establishment in the community has been in continuous operation since 1883.  The soda fountain is world famous for their chocolate shakes.  See the sign two blocks away.  Been dreaming of that shake for miles.  Pull up, park...

...Under New Management...actually closed and gutted out.  No one around to ask what is going on.  End of an era.  As Dylan says, "The Times They are a Changin".  Couldn't find a milk shake anywhere in Uvalde.
Bump on the horizon signals the beginning of the Texas hill country.  Hit me so much by surprise, pulled over to double check it was actually part of the landscape.
How does a tree get the title of "Oldest Oak Tree in Texas".  Just how old is it?  How accurate is the claim?  Had to stop at the Rio Frio Post Office to ask where it was located. Found it on private property. "No Trespassing" posted.  Hard to get up close and really see how old it could be.  There was an official state historic marker.  Must be the Oldest Oak Tree in Texas...maybe.
Wanted to get some fried chicken at Chicken Earl's Kitchen in Leakey.  He was closed.  Didn't even see any chickens running around.
HWY 83 wound through the hills.  Up, down, pressing the handlebars left, then pressing right into sweeping turns.  A good way to finish the day.

Kickstand down in Junction, Tx. 240 miles.  BBQ Ribs at Lums.  Looking for a cold Lone Star.

be strong, be safe, Talon

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