Thursday, June 14, 2018

Day 3 HWY 83 - Donuts, Dust, Texas Dylan
Coffee with the sunrise in Junction this morning.  Good night's sleep.  Quiet...peaceful.  Love the old motels where you park at the door, of course you know I like that.
Breakfast in Junction at the Donut Palace.  Know what you're thinkin'...he only had a donut for breakfast?  No, a lot more here than donuts.  But the donuts...light, melt in your mouth, strong black coffee.  Doesn't get any better.  Family run business.  Chanty and her daughter Srey  live up to  their slogan "The Donut Palace - Where the customer is always King".  No need to say more.  When in Junction if you don't stop by the Donut just flat out missed one of the best places on HWY 83 in Texas.  Perfect way to get the kickstand up in the morning.
In Menard found some wonderful old buildings nestled along the tree lined streets.  Figured out this had been a gas station at one time.  Tire ramps on the planters where the pumps were at one time kinda gave it away.  
Dust in the sky.  Thought there was a BIG dust devil down the road.  No, farmer in the field.  Made me think of how the great grass plains were plowed up in the 30's.  Soil carted away with the winds.  Forever changing the destiny and environment of the country.
Decided after today to throw away the old guide books for HWY 83.  Most of the listed special attractions and locations in Texas at least seemed to be closed or "under new management".  Finally found a local motel with "in room coffee, microwave, frig, and cable".  Even had a full size frig blocking the office door.  Parking lot could use a weeding.  What the heck...can't be too picky.
Stopped in Winters and met Steve at the Shop on the Corner.  Yip, sure enough.  Shop was right on the corner.  I was ridin' by real slow when Steve pulled me over.  "Hey, that a Harley your ridin'?  You need a windshield?  Got a spankin' new one...cost over $500, you can have it today for $75."  Now that got my attention.  Not so much the idea of a windshield, but how much Steve sounded like Bob Dylan with a good dose of Texas added in.  Parked under a shade tree and spent the next hour swapping tales with Steve.  He's been married, divorced, reunited, rehabed, reborn, renewed, and repaired.  Bought the building where Shop on the Corner is located for $30.  I said..."Steve are you just jerkin' my chain?" "NO, $30 bought the entire building.  Now don't look at the roof, it's not in too good of shape."  As I left Steve offered me the windshield for $15.  Act of friendship.  Appreciated the thought.

The road is not about the attractions.  It's about the people who make up America.

Kickstand down in Abilene.  Not a lot of miles today, 150.  People met and stories shared...too many to count.

be strong, be safe, Talon

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