Friday, June 22, 2018

HWY 83 - Day 11 - Magic City
Good sleep in Westhope in the bank building last night.  It was FDIC insured and secure.   Breakfast at a four table cafe.  Invited to join a table with the local folks and share stories.  Before I knew it we were all laughing and chatting like long lost friends.  Could only happen in a small farm community.  Rode back south to Minot to drop off the LowRider at Magic City HD.  Good folks.  Had a hard time putting the kickstand down for the final time.

Shared a beer with a friend, Arlen, from North Dakota tonight.  Special way to end the ride.

Couldn't help but think about some Bison advise I had read at Standing Rock Reservation.  Lessons of the road.
 Cherish wide open spaces
Stand your ground 
Have a tough hide
Keep moving on
Have a strong spirit
Let the chips fall where the may
Roam wild and free

Wingin' my way back to Santa Fe in the morning.  Via the friendly skies.  Be missing the road with the wind on my knees and the sun on my back.
Roam wild and free, Talon

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