Saturday, June 16, 2018

HWY 83 - Day 5 - Dinosaurs, Horses, Combines
Breakfast.  The most important meal of the day.  Today was no exception.  It takes so much energy just packin' up the bike each morning.  Always ready for a good dose of eggs with a side of ....Those are two eggs over easy, a good portion of hash brown potatoes, jumbo patty of sausage, with whole wheat toast lathered in butter.  Oh, black coffee and some strawberry jam included.  Now this will keep you going no matter which way the wind is blowing out there on HWY 83.
In early 1992, Gene Cockrell took $2,000 dollars worth of concrete and steel and built a dinosaur on a bluff outside his home town of Canadian, Texas. He did it, he said, so that local children heading up US 83 would always know that they were almost home. He also wanted curious travelers to ask about it.  Maybe stop a while in town. He named the dinosaur "Aud" after Audrey, his wife who he married in 1947.  Don't know how much she appreciated the dino being named after her.  Then again, we all have different ideas on how to become famous.
Chris Harris put Canadian Tx on the map when he earned the title of National Bareback Riding Champion.  Crusing through Candian this morning on my iron pony, rounded a curve, and there was a full blown barrel racing event firing up.  All young kids warming up their rides to beat the clock circling the barrels.
Around 10am the winds started blowing full force.  83 is a smooth two lane between northern Texas and Oklahoma.  To my good fortune the wind was blowing from the south.  Simply said, that put those 40 mph winds right on my back.  Good place for them.  Before I knew it my speedo was pushing 75.  Had to keep rolling back on the throttle.  Felt like floating  across the landscape.
HWY 83 cuts across a short section of Oklahoma.  Right at the state line was one of the largest wind farms I have ever seen.  Went for miles.  Those blades were generating the kilowatts today!  Clean, quiet, beautiful energy.  Need more like these.
Up and down the road in Oklahoma and into Kansas the convoys of combines and haul trucks filled the road.  Wheat in full harvest.  Grain elevators were advertising $5.00 a bushel.  Must take a lot of wheat when you see the million dollars of equipment in the fields to harvest it.
Finished ridin' into Garden City passing hundreds of "nodding donkeys" better know as pumpjacks.  Working the earth below as the combines covered the ground above.

Kickstand down in Garden City, KS tonight.  230 miles.  40mph winds.  Feeling like I could keep ridin' forever with the wind on my back.

be strong, be safe, Talon

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