Tuesday, June 19, 2018

HWY83 - Day 8 - Fog, End of Pavement, Lookin' for Buffalo
Woke up to heavy rain in Valentine this morning.  Rained all night.  Little break about 8am.  Suited up, covered up, saddled up.  10 miles down the rainy road hit fog so thick was thinkin' about getting my Leatherman out to cut my way through.   Orange sign in fog...road work ahead...10 more feet...gravel road...10 more feet...pavement ends...It ended at the Rosebud Reservation.  No pavement, no gravel, just slippery old fashion mud.  This is a US HWY.  Now maybe it is under construction.  Wondering about how the road could be like this on the Reservation?  Oh...just let me guess.  Hold tight, keep the throttle steady, stay focused, slipping and sliding side to side.  Just lookin' for a little solid ground. BIG shot of adrenaline getting through that one.
Out of Murdo SD rain let up a bit. Smiling when I saw the dry pavement.  Smooth two lanes.  Travel Tip: At Murdo HWY 83 meets I90.  You can run the original 83 instead of jumping on the interstate.  Drive through town and make a right hand turn at the stop sign.  Road will be all yours.  It was mine today.
South of Fort Pierre is the Fort Pierre National Grasslands.  If it weren't for a sign, you'd never know it.  There is no interpretive center, not even a scenic overlook.  Seems like the incredible prairies have always gotten the short stick when it come to preserving and appreciating our natural heritage.  It is a stunning short grass prairie.
Sign: Turn Right now. Buffalo Interpretive Center 5 miles.  Rode the five miles twisting and turning through the green grass covered sand hills.  Stunning country.  Saw the Center coming up down the road.  Pulled in.  It was locked up, boarded up, and closed up.  Hadn't been interpreting any thing for quite some time.  No buffalo left to interpret is my guess.
Finally found some buffalo in Fort Pierrie.  Used them for a backdrop with my iron pony.  Not sure where the Stanley County Buffalo roam these days.
Grain silos dot the landscape in South Dakota.  Farming has replaced the Great Grasslands.
Into Mobridge tonight under clear skies.  Dry pavement never looked so good.  Nice family run motel called the MoRest.  Parkin' right at the door. Paying my respects to Sitting Bull tomorrow morning.

Kickstand down MoBridge, SD.  262 miles.

be strong, be safe, Talon

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