Friday, June 15, 2018

HWY 83 - Day 4 - Flat, Food, Get Your Kicks
Saddled up in Abilene this morning feeling fine.  Did laundry last night.  Nothing like clean socks and underwear.  Into the Panhandle of Texas.  Flat.  Did I say flat?  Sure is flat...boy is it flat.  This is a flat picture.
Flat: smooth and even; without marked lumps or indentations; lacking interest or emotion; dull and lifeless.  Well, at least the traffic wasn't too heavy.  ZZZZZZZZZZ...
A few hours into the flat ride needed gas.  Stopped in Gurthie.  No gas here today.  Travel Tip: when in the Panhandle do not go by a gas station which is operating without stopping and filling up.  You have no idea where the next operating station may be located.
Let's skip ahead to the food part of the day.  Now this was not flat.  In Paducah stopped at the Dixie Maid Drive Up.  Met Vicky the owner, grill queen, and batter specialist.  She makes everything at the Dixie Maid from real scratch.  Includes homemade fries, and battered onion rings to die for.  She served up the best onion rings I have ever had the honor to taste.  Crisp on the outside with the perfect crunch on the inside.  
After finishing those onion rings needed a walk around town before firing up again.  The county court house is a work of art  Chiseled into the stone roof line is a powerful statement: "To No One Will We Sell, Deny, Or Delay Justice". 
On the north side of the town square is the Cottle Hotel.  Built in 1929 it was one of the largest hotels in the Panhandle.
South of Shamrock and north of Wellington is the Red River.  Wondering why I included a picture of a river with a bridge on HWY 83?  Well, this particular river crossing has an interesting story.  Bonnie and Clyde were on the lamb.  Their lacky W.D. Jones was running so fast from the law he flew into the river with all four wheels when he hit this spot. A nearby family came out to see if they could give the stranded folks a hand.  For their efforts they were held hostage for a brief time by the famous Barrow Gang.
At Shamrock HWY 83 crosses Route 66.  Wouln't be a proper stop without pulling into the Magnolia Gas Station.  Lookin' for the "Kicks on Route 66" tonight.

Kickstand down Shamrock Tx. 230 miles today.  A flat day...but well rounded.

be strong, be safe, Talon

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